“After achieving my Grand Master status in 2016, I felt an obligation to serve Taekwon-Do in some way.  Having seen the content that was already available online for ITF Taekwon-Do practitioners, I realised that there was a very low standard set and poor and inaccurate information was being given out. In order to change this, I decided to give free lessons online through YouTube to students all over the World, especially for those who may not be able to afford it.  My YouTube channel attempts to teach all fundamentals of Taekwon-Do, such as fundamental techniques, sparring, patterns, Taekwon-Do theory & terminology, general fitness and flexibility, etc. I provide these online lessons for free to improve the quality of Taekwon-Do students and instructors and help promote General Choi Hong Hi’s legacy.

In an age of people moving away from traditional martial arts, I felt it was more important than ever to teach true authentic Taekwon-Do. The media is currently pushing the combat sport elements of martial arts, ignoring the philosophical, moral culture and personal development aspects.  I feel that this has stemmed from lack of authentic Taekwon-Do teachings. Those who have had the benefit of training under the founder General Choi Hong Hi have a unique knowledge and experience, which ought to be passed on before it gets forgotten. In my YouTube Taekwon-Do lessons, I include some anecdotes in reference to General Choi, and his teachings.

I will continue providing free Taekwon-Do Lessons in the foreseeable future, as there are many things I have yet to cover. This hobby has turned into a way of life for me. I hope you all enjoy the content, and if you do please continue to support me by subscribing to my YouTube Channel”

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