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Grand Master Nardizzi offers a vast range of hireable services that you can choose from, both physical and online. Primarily, these include seminars, workshops, and training sessions, but can also include interviews, exhibitions, shows, conferences, gradings, competitions, or talks with students. He can be hired as a Teacher, Speaker, Examiner, Umpire, Taekwon-Do Consultant, plus more.

If you wish to hire the services of Grand Master Nardizzi for an event you are hosting, then simply fill in a service request form below. In this form you can specify what you would like Grand Master Nardizzi to do at your event. For example, if it is a seminar, you can ask for any specific topics to be covered such as patterns, sparring, special technique, fundamental techniques, power test, self-defence, and much more. Or allow the Grand Master to use his own initiative. 

Below are reference to some of the seminars that have been previously taught.

Online Seminars

An online seminar will typically be conducted via a Zoom Conference Call to an unlimited number of students you wish to bring. Similar to a normal seminar, online seminars cover any topic you require. This is a very cost-effective way of conducting a global seminar with various students around the world and will result in higher turnouts due to less travel expenses. Further, hiring the Grand Master for online seminars is cheaper than for physical seminars, plus there are no extra expenses.  Online seminars are becoming increasingly more popular as of recently, and more students are becoming accustomed to it.

If you would like to hire Grand Master Nardizzi, please follow the guide below.

Physical Seminars

A traditional Taekwon-Do seminar would be conducted in person, where students from various schools around the country, and even other countries, gather to learn Taekwon-Do. The key benefit of a physical seminar compared to an online seminar is the experience, as you have a greater level of interaction with the instructor and therefore also receive more clarification. Students are able to practice with one another, learning from their peers as well as their instructor. For these reasons, physical seminars often charge more than online seminars, and also provide an opportunity to promote your local club.

If you would like to hire Grand Master Nardizzi, please follow the guide below.

Hiring Details

You will need to complete a Service Request Form
You can book GM Nardizzi’s services for a minimum of hour up to a maximum of 6 hours in a day. 
There must be at least a 1 hour break following a 3 hour session. 
A discount is available for a full day i.e. two 3 hour sessions with at least an hour break in between. 
Prices for events: £199 per hour or £999 for a day (max 6 hours). Plus travel and lodging expenses (if necessary). 
Prices for online events: £99 per hour or £499 for a day (max 6 hours).
Once you have submitted your Service Request Form, GM Nardizzi will contact you to discuss a Service Agreement. 
If you accept to the terms by signing the Service Agreement, your booking will be confirmed. 

Enter the date or date range above i.e. 01/08/2020 – 03/08/2020
Specify name of venue, town/city, and Country.
How many hours of service required throughout the whole event?

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