ITF England Election 2017

It was my last day as ITF England president as the elections for the new board of directors took place at the AGM in Rickmansworth on 29th January 2017. Congratulations to the newly elected board!

The election results were:

  • President - Mr Tom Nicholson
  • Vice-President - Master Errol Bernard
  • Secretary - Ms Patricia Gray
  • Treasurer - Mr Paul Palcic
  • Technical Director - Mr Johann De Silva
  • Tournament Director - Master Nick Symmonds
  • Ethics and Discipline Director - Mr Paul Cook
Newly elected ITF E president with the 2 former presidents, GM Donato Nardizzi and GM Orello Ellis
ITF England Grand Masters and Masters at the AGM: Master K Anderson (7th Degree), Master P Lear (7th Degree), Master K Chesterman (7th Degree), Master N Symmonds (7th Degree), Grand Master D Nardizzi (9th Degree), Grand Master O Ellis (9th Degree), Master J Moreno (7th Degree), Master A McKenna (7th Degree), Master T Denis (8th Degree), Master E Bernard (7th Degree).

You Tube Channel

My You Tube channel reached over 100 subscribers in less than a week. A big thank you to all those that subscribed. I am planning to release a new video every Wednesady and Saturday so please subscribe to my You Tube channel to keep up to date with new releases.